Why Do You Struggle Making Your First Therapy Appointment?

No matter how advanced our world has become, how innovative science has been, and the many breakthroughs the medical field has achieved, people are still adamant in recognizing mental illness.  Admitting that you are suffering from anxiety or depression is still hard.  Many may claim that they have liberated points of view and that they are open to anything, but when it comes to mental health issues, their mind is still closed.   They find it difficult to accept that they are unhealthy and something is wrong up there, that a mental health issue exists in their lives.   Some are still skeptical when they hear about it.

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The stigma is still there.  Many are afraid to come out and talk about it, and so is seeking help.


Why Is It Hard To Admit That You Suffer From Mental Health Issues?


People Do Not Understand.  “So much of mental health work is about giving people a space to be witnessed and held while sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of human life.” Lillian Harris LCPC-C said. Some do not recognize depression as an illness.  They think it is just something that needs cheering up and it will go away.


I Did Not Choose To Be Depressed.  No one wants to feel down, numb, or continually stressed to the point of living in isolation, and at times wanting to just end all of it by just taking your life.  No one wants to stay for days without bathing or eating.


I Can Manage“Mental health struggles are real. They can be painful. You may feel alone. In some of the darkest times, you may feel like something is “wrong” with you to the core.” Erica Thompson, LMFT, LPCC  used to say. Some people struggling with depression find it hard to realize they are depressed.  They think of it as a simple case of feeling sad and down, and they are confident that it will go away.   If somebody gets your attention about depression, recognize and have it checked to be sure.   It cannot be successfully addressed unless it is identified, understood, and accepted.

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I Don’t Want Them To Look At Me Differently.  Do not fear of being misunderstood or being judged by friends or family.  It is not just you who is affected by depression or anxiety.  There are others out there who are just as afraid as you are and are in denial for fear of being disconnected.


I Hate Change“Awareness is the beginning of all change.”  As Karla Helbert, LPC, E-RYT, C-IAYT  once said. Some people may have admitted that they are depressed, but their unwillingness to deviate from the unhealthy habits they have developed while in depression stops them from seeking help.   They try to persuade themselves that it is okay to be in confinement, that there is no problem eating unhealthy food like chocolate.


Clues That You Or Someone You Know Could Be Depressed

When someone says, “I think he’s depressed,” what comes to mind are:


  • Feeling and looking sad most of the time
  • Frequent crying spells (at times for no reason)
  • Not showing any emotions (neither positive or negative)
  • Cannot find the desire or spirit to get out of bed or leave the house
  • Failure to do his responsibilities or do his work
  • Does not have the zest to take care of his activities of daily living
  • Contemplate about suicide

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These are not just it; depression presents itself in many different facets and manifestations which are often ignored. Some are not even aware that it can be deadly when not given proper attention.


Depression and other mental health issues are not illnesses that you could deal with alone and not things that will easily go away by popping in some pills like a cold.


You need someone in your life to get through with it.  You need someone’s hand to pull you out of it.  You need to eat healthy food and choose to have a healthy lifestyle.


You may not yet be ready to admit it, but you have to.  Depression is not a choice you make.  However, you do have a choice to fight it and overcome the symptoms, but it is something that is hard to do on your own.  Do not be afraid of the silence surrounding mental health issues.  Seek help sooner.  Do not suffer alone.

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